KOHLER Generators

KOHLER has some of the greatest benefits and quality products in the commercial and home generator market. There are over a dozen reasons to purchase a KOHLER from Power Back Service, LLC but we wanted to leave you with just a few of the benefits.

Automatic, Hands-Off Operation – In the event of a utility power outage, power is automatically restored to your home or business in seconds – even if you’re not there.

Fast Backup Power – KOHLER generates restore power within 10 seconds of an outage.

Clean Digital Power – KOHLER generators feature the industry’s only true digital power and provide worry-free protection for the most sophisticated home electronics.

Quiet – A sleek, weather-resistant sound enclosure keeps operating noise under 65 dB(A) – that’s quieter than a vacuum cleaner!

Easy to Service – Simple to use, the KOHLER Advanced Digital Control (ADC) shows readings on output, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine hours, run conditions and system fault condition while providing precision power and password-secure access (currentiy offered on units 14 to 30 kW). In the unlikely event service is required, it can often be provided over the phone.

Natural Gas or LP Fuel – Unlike portable generators that need to be refueled, KOHLER generators are fueled by liquid propane (LP) or natural gas and are installed permanently outside new or existing homes.

UL Listed – All KOHLER residential generators are UL tested and listed to UL 2200 for your safety and protection.